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Product Name:Window
Materials:cow & goat
 Collection:Voyage Of Cat
Color:Various colors


'Window' is a shopper bag from the < Voyage of Cat > series, a story about Pico, the mascot cat of Pikagos who ventured into the sea on a boat made of conch.

The Mediterranean Sea of indigo. The beachside town of its all white outer walls and blue doors.

'Window' is a picture of a piece of the village.

A square window on a white wall facing the blue sea presents a powerful and unforgettable inspiration to the 'Window'.

A square window on the white wall facing the blue sea gave the 'Window Bag' a powerful and unforgettable inspiration.

Pico the mascot of Pikagos, who ventured into the sea in a boat made of conch. Pico must have looked at the dazzling white squares of the hillside where the white sun shines. The women in the window would lift their white hands slightly around their eyes to see the dazzling sea.

All white houses covering cobalt mediterranean coastal hills. The boy reaches out and grabs the hand he was looking at the white window facing the sea of cobalt.

The dazzling sun-lit windows are directed at the expectations and excitement of travelers leaving for the unknown world.

Pikagos took a piece of the scene that Pico was looking at and made a 'Window'.

'Window' was made using CHEVRE CRISPE, the finest goat skin from JULIAN, France, and beeswax thread from Coats Barbour, France.

For metal decorations, they are made with snaps and zippers made in Japan and Italy.

Italian whole skin is used for the handle and the bottom, creating a natural and luxurious outer frame.


Window (GTF0302)

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