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PIKAGOS Party ; 2017 pre-Oscar Kari Feinstein's style lounge

Andaz West Hollywood Hotel, 8401 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA

Voyage of  Cat ( Chapter 1. The Beginning of Voyage.

Voyage of  Cat #1

PICO, PIKAGOS CAT, leaves for ocean voyage.

Conch set a white sail of feather is pleased to travel with PICO.

He is dreaming treasure hidden in the sea, the boat leaves sandy beach and goes by coral island.

Voyage of  Cat ( Chapter 2. The First Meeting, Star.  ) 

Voyage of  Cat #2

After the sky fell asleep in the dark,

The stars make their body twinkle swimming to wake up.

PICO find a star is flying down.

Stars come in the sea late at night.

Having played as starfish for a few days, the stars become beautiful shiny stars in the sky.

PICO is joyful to swim under the sea with stars.

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