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A/S terms

If the product is defective, free A/S is provided only to the products accepted within 7 days of receiving merchandise.

All the free A/S products should be postmarked within 7 days after receiving merchandise.

All the free A/S products can be provided only after they are accepted by the company's repair center and go through quality management inspection.

A/S for damage to the product caused by customer's carelessness or use is charged.

To request A/S ASA# (A/S Authorization number) is required.

ASA# is a available only through e-mail

Please fill out the A/S application form provides and send it to contact@pikagos com.

After you receive ASC#(A/S Certificate number) check certificate through, please send the product with the copy of ASC# check certificate to the address designated by ASC# check certificate.

After our company's repair center receives the product and the product goes through the quality management inspection, A/S proceeds after FASC(Free A/S Certificate) or PASC(Paid A/S Certificate) is issued through e-mail.

As for charged A/S, A/S proceeds only after the customer approves within 2 weeks after PASC(Paid A/S Certificate) is issued, so please make sure to check it and contact us through e-mail

For items lost or delivered to the wrong address during shipment can not be provided A/S, refund, or exchange.

Unidentified items can be returned to the sender.

All expenses incurred by the charged A/S, including round-trip shipping costs, are the customer's responsibility.

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