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Handle with care


PIKAGOS handbags are made using the highest quality leather from Italy, Germany and France and so on. Depending on the part of leather, some cracks, fine difference of dyeing or subtle difference of texture can arise, which is natural for natural leather. As for high quality leather with natural pattern, even small stimulation can lead to scratch and cracks.


Because of the nature of the material, temperature, humidity, or friction can cause transformation or discoloration.


You are recommended to keep it dry and, in case it touches water, to remove moisture by pressing with dry towel and dry it enough in the shade.


You are also recommended to use cleaner, essence or lotion specially designed for the specific type and color of the leather to remove stain and protect the leather.


When carrying light-colored handbag, beware of discoloration caused by outfit.


When not in use, it should be kept away from direct sunlight and kept in place which is well ventilated.

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