Product Name: Wave
Style#: CTG0202
Materials: goat
Manufacturer: Pikagos
Customer Service:
 Collection: Voyage Of Cat
Size(cm): 22.5x2x15.5
Color: olivegreen


< Voyage of Cat > is the story of the voyage of the brave Pikagos cat, Pico, who adventures in the sea.

'Wave' is designed with the motif of waves, a friend Pico meets while sailing.

The lace decorations on the front of the bag were hand-made by experts using Spanish woolen yarn. Under the punching decoration on the front of the bag, the wool lace was made to match the colored gradation of the yarn.

'Wave' is made using JULIAN's finest line of goat skin, and leather is also used inside the bag to add luxury.

'Wave' is a cute bag with colorful waves.

The strap may be separated and attached to produce a clutch or belt bag.

Wave (CTG0202)

Color: olivegreen
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