Product Name: Twist mini
Style#: CWF0102
Materials: cow & goat
Manufacturer: Pikagos
Customer Service:
 Collection: Voyage Of Cat
Size(cm): 26.5x7.8x17
Color: etope 


'Twist mini' is both practical and stylish items proposed for everyday life.

'Twist mini' is a bigger shopper bag of the same lines 'Twist' and mini tote bag.

Designed with the motif of a woman's lips, 'Twist' is a light and useful bag for its size.

The front and side of the bag uses a different kind of leather in different colors and textures to create an attractive harmony.

Especially, the unique twisted leather handle made of Italian luxury vegetable tanned leather is a design point of the bag, which is not only beautiful but also comfortable to hold in hand or shoulder.

'Twist' is a luxury bag made of 100% hand-sewn using premium cow leather from PERLINGER, Germany, and beeswax thread from Coats Barbour, France.

Twist mini (CWF0102)

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