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Product Name:Stella
 Collection:Voyage Of Cat


'Stella' is Italian for stars.

'Stella' is a bag accessory with a 'Pico' emblem fixed to a star-shaped leather ornament.

'Stella' is a product of < Voyage of Cat > series and is designed with the motif of a cat's face reflected in a black night sky.

Pico, a brave Pikagos cat who ventured into the sea aboard a boat, looks at the sea with starry lights on a black night.

Pico's face, looking at the sea, is drawn on the light of stars floating on the waves.

The light goes back to the sky, and in the twinkling starlight of the sky, Pico's face is seen.

'Stella' is made using premium cow leather and thread from Gütermann, Germany.

Stella (CWG5101)

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