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Product Name:Spade A
 Collection:Alice's Mirror
Color:red / blue



The product of < Alice's Mirror > series, 'Spade A', is a motif from Lewis Carroll's 《Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There》(1871), a British mathematician, photographer and author.

The front and back of the main body of 'Spade A' are all divided into two colors. It resembles the inside and outside of a mirror, but it means a space that has changed the left and right sides.

The spade decoration in the center is symmetrical, but has different colors, suggesting that it is a different space.

The original soldier is a heart soldier, but Pikagos uses Spade as the symbol of the series.

Spade traditionally symbolizes swords. knight, aristocrat, power and death, which further symbolizes intelligence and behavior that penetrate courage and phenomena.

In Pikagos' <Alice's Mirror> series, the designer intends to incorporate the power of human's sober intelligence and courage mustered in the flexible and indeterminate time and space.

'Spade A' is made of Italian lamb skin, Japanese YKK zipper and German Guterm ann's mara30.

The fancy decoration of Italian leather and the color match on the divided side are the attractive features of the bag.

'Spade A' is light in weight, soft, and unisex clutch.

Spade A (SHJ0210)

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