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Product Name:Space pikagos
Materials:cow & artificial leather
 Collection:Alice's Mirror
Color:skyblue & black


'Space pikagos' is the tote bag of < Alice's Mirror > series.

Pikagos's third series, < Alice's Mirror >, was inspired by Lewis Carroll's 《Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There》(1871), a British mathematician, photographer and author.

Louis Carroll, a mathematician of the nineteenth century, already contained in his writings the concept of non-Euclidean geometry developed in the early 1900s.

The problem faced by Alice, who fell into the rabbit hole, is the theory of relativity that Einstein will explain in the next century. In a world that denies the absoluteity of all beings - time, space, weight, size - Alice adapts flexibly and doesn't forget to identify herself moment by moment.

Density difference in time, memory and imagination intervening in the passage of time, and ideal and reality, fantasy and existence, coexistence of unconsciousness and consciousness. We can't help but be moved by the author's insight into interpreting time and space again from multi-point of view.

The hexagonal silk screen pattern on the front of the bag expresses the vague time and space at the beginning and end of Alice's journey, and above and below.

The 'Pikagos line', which resembles a flower between the patterns, is mixed together in the hexagonal line to symbolize Alice's space.

The Pikagos logo, located in the center of the hexagonal space pattern, is a special three-dimensional embroidery with reinforcement inside.

The top of the bag, the handle and the sides of the bag are made of Italian vegetable tanned leather.

In particular, the sides of the bag are partially avoided, creating a beautiful shape, which gives you the aesthetic value of high-quality cow leather.

The three-leaf clover-shaped zipper-puller carries the symbol of a three-leaf clover called 'happiness' and presents the meaning of 'open happiness' to customers who open a Pikagos bag.

Space pikagos (CWJ0409)

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