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Product Name:Shard
 Collection:Voyage Of Cat
Color:red / etope / green



'Shard' means the scales of fish.

The wallet is one of Pikagos' < Milky Way Garden > series.

The silvery scales of cute fish swimming in the sparkling waves of the lake glistening in the starlight.

The sky-like lake and the swimming fish became the motif of 'Shard'.

'Shard' is designed to have a flat top and a convex bottom, adding to the three-dimensional formative beauty.

Special reinforcement and quenching techniques were used to express diamond patterns outside the wallet.

'Shard', with a two-tier card pocket inside the wallet, is a versatile wallet that is easy to store cards, bills, coins, cell phones and car keys.

'Shard' is made using premium cow leather and thread from Gütermann, Germany.

Shard (CWI1404)

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