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Product Name:Quattro Cerchi
 Collection:Alice's Mirror
Color:skyblue & pink


'New Circle' is a collaboration product between designer So-yi Kwon and Pikagos, who graduated from Parsons School in New York with excellent grades, runs the brand LOUVE, and is a popular illustrator on Instagram.

Pikagos' signature design 'Shell' and models dressed in designer So-yi Kwon's costumes are brightly arranged in colorful colors.

'New Circle' is a petit scarf measuring 50cm x 50cm and can be styled in various ways on the neck, wrist, or bag.

'New Circle' is a fashionable scarf with a colorful and unique design.

With a bright yet elegant tone, it naturally suits any look.

'New Circle' is 100% silk and is produced in South Korea.

Quattro Cerchi (SKK9103)

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