Product Name: Nome
Style#: CWK5402
Materials: cow
Manufacturer: Pikagos
Customer Service:
 Collection: Alice's Mirror
Size(cm): 7.8x11.8
Color: various


'Nome' is Italian for 'Name'. In Italy, when you ask your name, you say, "Come ti chiami?" "How are you called?" is the question.

The name is the boundary between the outside and me and the medium of communication. It is the symbol of 'I' and the 'social cladding' that separates me from society. 

'Nome' is a name that contains the role of a name tag that serves to distinguish users' objects through their names.

'Nome' is a name tag used for golf bags and travel bags, and is used with name tags the size of business cards or business cards.

'Nome' is made of Italian vegetable tanned leather.


Nome (CWK5402)

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