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Product Name:Left shoe
Materials:925silver & swarovski
 Collection:Voyage Of Cat


'Left Shoe' is an elegant line pendant necklace carved in the form of a woman's boot.

There is a beautiful mythology that 'Good shoes lead her to a good place'.

'Left Shoe' is a lucky shoe that leads her and her life to a beautiful and creative path.

'Left Shoe' contains a message of support for the beautiful women of our time who are proudly pioneering their lives.

'Left Shoe' is platinum-plated in Sterling Silver.

Silver is a symbol of good luck, such as 'to be happy', 'to be blessed', 'to have a lover' and 'to have a wish come true'.

The design point of the pendant is the lips of a woman holding a Swarovski stone on the rear axle and the lines of the stylish high heels.

Shoe pendant and water drop cut Swarovski stone can be worn together or separately on the silver chain.

The back of the pendant is finished with a leaf vane pattern, which makes it luxurious and easy to wear.

Left Shoe (SLH6101)

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