Product Name: Gita
Style#: CWF0401
Materials: cow & goat
Manufacturer: Pikagos
Customer Service:
 Collection: Voyage Of Cat
Size(cm): 24x1.5x32.5
Color: black / etope


'Gita, which means 'walk' in Italian, is a shoulder bag designed for travelers.

'Gita' is a common men's and women's bag that is convenient to carry simple items such as wallets, passports and plane tickets.

'Gita' is a product of the < Voyage of Cat > series and has a same corner-line design concept with the 'Angolo' series.

This bag is made of premium cowhide from PERLINGER, Germany, and CHEVRE CRISPE from JULIAN, France, was used on all decorations and connections, including the frame of the bag.

Both side zippers can be stably opened and closed using automatic sliders, and bags can be mounted on travel carriers with bands on the back of the bag.

'Gita' is made of 100% hand-sewn handmade.

Gita (CWF0401)

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