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Product Name:Galassia
Materials:fabric & cow
 Collection:Milky Way Garden
Color:gold & black


'Galassia' is Italian for the Milky Way.

'Galassia' is designed with the theme of a river of twinkling stars embroidered in the black night sky.

This shoulder bag is one of the products of < Milky Way Garden > series, the story of a beautiful garden falling on the Milky Way.

The black cowhide bag was covered with a gold-colored black dress cloth, giving it a feminine and dressing feeling.

The design point is an oval decoration completed with cow leather covering the Italian leather lace strap.

The leather decoration and gold shoulder chain are crossed to create a beautiful line when worn.

'Galassia' is an attractive shoulder bag with not too much glamour, feminine details and light weight.


Galassia (FBI0402)

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