Product Name: Fiori
Style#: SHH0203
Materials: lamb & cow
Manufacturer: Pikagos
Customer Service:
 Collection: Voyage Of Cat
Size(cm): 22x6x12
Color: black


'Fiori' means flowers in Italian.

The soft, high-quality sheepskin was carefully wrinkled by the craftsmen to express the flowers.

Designed as a clutch for parties, 'Fiori' is a design that goes well with the dress.

This little clutch will catch the eye of the surroundings with its unrivaled yet never-so-ordinary charm.

The designer designed the bag with the motif of a small bouquet of flowers in the beautiful hands of a woman.

The bouquet had to be light, smooth and elegant.

The front of the 'Fiori' is shaped like flowers and the sides of the bag are tulips.

The inside of the bag consists of suede, cow leather and sheepskin on the outside.

For the highest perfection, even the interior and structure used the finest natural leather.

Above all, the body is made of Italian high-quality whole leather, adding to its beauty.

The high-quality natural materials are used not only for the outside of the bag but also for internal reinforcement, bringing in the luxurious shapes of the bag, creating a flexible yet comfortable grip.

Fiori (SHH0203)

Color: black
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