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Product Name:Cube
 Collection:Alice's Mirror
Color:black / red


<Alice's Mirror> is the work of Pikagos' 3rd series, featuring time and space of Alice's journey where the distinction is unclear between the beginning and end, up and down.

Lewis Carroll, a mathematician, explains in interesting way the time and space of non-Euclidean geometry in his books 「Alice's Adventures in Wonderland」 and 「Through the Looking-Glass」.

The first space that Alice, who fell into the rabbit hole, was the space of all directions, the zero vector space.

Starting there, Lewis Carroll presents all the accounts, that is, relativity of size, relativity of time, relativity of direction, relativity of language, etc, writing fairy story.

In this series, Pikagos is unraveling the clues of design starting from the most fundamental pieces of geometry, such as 'Cube', 'Circle', 'Square', to pattern and symbol. The benevolent god allowed humans living in three dimensions to have the talent of 'imagination' to understand the space of n dimensions.

'Cube' is one of the shapes that lists the fragments of the imagination.

The designer returned to the basics of bag in both the product line and the assembly method.

'Cube' contains the best simplicity in 'Design' and 'Used'.

Cube (CWJ0407)

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