Product Name: Comodino
Style#: CWH1102
Materials: cow
Manufacturer: Pikagos
Customer Service:
 Collection: Voyage Of Cat
Size(cm): 21.5x11

green & purple / red & etope

yellow & darkgreen / burgundy & camel


'Comodino' means a small table next to the bed in Italian.

'Comodino' is a wallet that acts as a pocket for storing useful daily props in your closest place. With its thin and simple design, 'Comodino' is easy to carry and use without any burden, and it efficiently organizes the bags by simply receiving memos, receipts, gift certificates, and banknotes.

The stylishly matched two colors of 'Comodino' also offers a good touch using a high-end elastic cow leather.

A small drawer in a handbag, 'Comodino' is made using threads from Gütermann, Germany, and premium cow leather.

Comodino (CWH1102)

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