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Product Name:Coast
Materials:goat & cow
 Collection:Voyage Of Cat
Color:white & black


Pikagos' flagship series, < Voyage of Cat >, tells the story of Pikagos' cat, "Pico," who adventures into the sea in a boat made of conch.

‘Coast’, one of the products of the< Voyage of Cat > series, has a new geometric interpretation of the Mediterranean coastal village.

One of the most differentiated features in Pikagos' design is its geometric pattern.

The linear perspective used in the shopper bag 'Window' and multi-point perspective used in 'Zig-Zag' are typical examples. Creating a unique space with variations of planes is one of the unique expressions of Pikagos. In ‘Coast’, Pikagos is creating a sculptural structure using leather through the partition of a plane.

A bag, such as a small building, that is grasped by the hand. This is 'Coast'.

'Coast' was made using CHEVRE CRISPE, the finest goat skin from JULIAN, France, and beeswax thread from Coats Barbour, France.

The natural beauty of the finest leather blends with minimal design to create classy splendor.

For metal decorations, snap and zipper made in Japan or Italy were used.

Inside the handle and bottom of the bag, the Italian vegetable tanned leather was used to complete the elastic form.

Handles made of natural Italian leather, in particular, will increasingly create luxurious shapes in the hands of users over time.

'Coast' is a tote bag that goes well with a stylish daily bag and a formal, elegant bag.

Coast (GTF0101)

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