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Product Name:Circle
 Collection:Alice's Mirror


'Circle' is a bag in < Alice's Mirror > series and is one of the Shapes Alice meets in the Mirror Land.

The front of the circular bag is decorated with bisected spades, the flagship symbol of < Alice's Mirror > series. Different colors and materials of leather were used on the bisected side of the spade.

'Circle' describes another space reflected in the mirror Alice encountered, two spaces that changed left and right sides between the mirrors, and the time to connect them.

'Circle' is a variation of the tambourine bag. The bottom part of the bag is widened and the upper part is narrowed to a trapezoidal shape, and the sides are decorated with wrinkled pockets.

The shoulder strap of the bag has six snaps, adding design fun as well as length control.

'Circle' is made using premium cow leather, strictly plated brass ornaments and YKK zipper, KANE-M snap and thread from Gütermann, Germany.


Circle (CWJ0408)

Color: green
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