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Product Name:Card Space
 Collection:Milky Way Garden



'Card space' is the card wallet version of 'Space pikagos'.

'Space pikagos' and 'Card Space' are products of < Alice's Mirror > series.

Pikagos' third series, < Alice's Mirror >, was inspired by Lewis Carroll's 《Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There》 (1871), a British mathematician, photographer and author.

Density difference in time, memory and imagination intervening in the passage of time, and ideal and reality, fantasy and existence, coexistence of unconsciousness and consciousness. Pikagos wanted to follow Louis Carroll's view of interpreting time and space from a point of view.

The three-dimensional structure of 'Card Space', which has a concave bottom shape, is good for storing car keys, stamps, and USBs.

'Card space' is made using premium cow leather and thread from Gütermann, Germany.

Card Space (GTJ1306)

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