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Product Name:Andante
 Collection:Milky Way Garden
Color:black / burgundy / darkgreen



'Andante' refers to 'slow walking shape' in Italian.

The designer wanted to express composure of walking slowly, correctly, and contemplating in bag.

This bag is a clutch designed as a sub bag for travelers.

The designer, who frequently travels abroad, has captured all the needs of travelers through his own experience.

'Andante' is a practical clutch used for both handbags and wallets with minimal exterior design and meticulously designed interior design. It is easy to store credit cards, cash, passports, and mobile phones.

Also, slim coin purse is included separately, so it can be used in the bag or separately.

'Andante' is a bag that can be used in two ways: clutch and shoulder bag.

If you connect the shoulder chain, you can use it as a shoulder bag for your passport and valuables. Meanwhile, for dinner, parties or official invitations, you can remove the chain and use it as a clutch.

Simple 'Andante' and 'Andante Star' decorated with constellations, are introduced in three colors: black, burgundy and cyan.

'Andante' is made using premium cowhide and thread from Gütermann, Germany.

express one's composure

Andante (CWI0206)

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