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Product Name:Pico's café
 Collection:Voyage Of Cat
Color:black / turquoise 


'Pico's Cafe' is a single-person ceramic set for coffee hand drip. A coffee dripper, a mug with a lid, and a kettle. It consists of four pieces like this.

The designer arranged each object used horizontally and vertically to create a sculpture.

The single items were geometrically layered and each side was decorated with colorful gold patterns.

'Pico's Cafe', which is expressed as a luxurious gold warrior with 'Pikagos Line', a representative pattern of Pikagos, is a product that is aesthetic but highly satisfactory to customers because it combines practicality.

Users can extract coffee or tea by placing a coffee dripper on a mug or kettle.

'Pico's Cafe' is produced in a 100% domestic custom-made manner, using the best soil and glaze.

Pico's café (CRI8101)

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