Product Name: Anemone Vex Mini
Style#: GTH0205
Materials: goat
Manufacturer: Pikagos
Customer Service:
 Collection: Voyage Of Cat
Size(cm): 13x13x13.5
Color: black / pink & gold



'Anemone Vex Mini' is a product of the < Voyage of Cat > series about the brave cat 'Pico' going on an adventure to the sea.

'Anemone Vex Mini' is one of Pico's sea friends he meets while sailing.

One of Pikagos' most famous designs, 'Anemone Vex Mini', is in full possession of the craftsman's passion.

The rounded top and the flat bottom, cut to 5mm width each, enclose the main body of cylindrical bag.

Designed with the idea from the tentacles of sea anemone, the bag is designed to be a "tassel charm" itself.

The end parts of the bag and bread shaped, inflated lid are wrapped by strap with traditional punching decorations.

Designed to be held or worn onto the wrist, the handle is made with 3mm thick Italian leather strap wrapped with leather skin, making the movement smooth and luxurious.

'Anemone Vex Mini' is made with Japanese YKK accellar zipper or Italian riri zipper, depending on the color of the body.

Metal decoration used in the product is free nickel plated after laser imprinting.

It's a great choice, of course, to coordinate party dresses with colorful and feminine designs, but surprisingly, it goes well with picnic wear such as jeans and T-shirts.

Anemone Vex Mini (GTH0205)

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